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Pashur~ Professional body painter:

“The Chimera Lashes are amazing! They show up great on the models and in photos. They do not weigh down the models eye lid and make the eye look heavy! They look stunning and my models loved wearing them. I will be using Chimera Lashes often for projects! A definite standard to have in my kit! Chimera Lashes also have hands down the best packaging out there for lashes.”


Autumn Shaveer Greer:
"I bought a set of these at a local artisan's street fair on Frenchmen St. on Saturday during our annual trip to NOLA the weekend before/of Halloween. The girl selling them was adorable in her neon costume and face paint (and her perfectly matched Chimera lashes, of course!), and she was super sweet and helpful. I picked a pair that are red on top and black underneath that matched both what I was wearing at the time and my pirate costume for that night. She applied them right there, and they lasted all day (and night)! I was pretty skeptical at first, but to my surprise they were incredibly lightweight and comfortable...even more so than some of my regular falsies. And I got SO many compliments!!! These lashes are simply amazing--unbelievably dramatic and FANTASTIC for costumes or just whenever you feel daring enough to put them on. I wish that I'd have taken advantage of the 2 for $40 deal that day, but I'm so glad to see that I can order them online--I can't wait to get more in all sorts of colors! I live about 5 1/2 hours from NOLA and go down there frequently, so they'll definitely get plenty of use (because part of the fun of visiting the French Quarter is that you can "dress up" at ANY time of year)!"


Neon DeLights:
Chimera lashes are beautiful, unique, intense, and a show-stopper to add to any look and a drag queen's dream! Friendly and insanely talented artists! Well worth every penny!"


Laura Sheffield:
"These lashes are so perfect! I have 4 different pairs now, and absolutely love them all. The material is incredibly lightweight and comfortable, and I have worn them for up to 12 hours at a time without my contact lenses drying out or my eyelids feeling irritated. They take any costume over the top with little effort, and are great for warm weather, when its just too hot for tons of makeup and accessories. Love love love Chimera!

Caroline Thomas:
"I get compliments every time I wear them out! My friend (who also has a pair) got chased down Magazine Street by some women that had to know where they were from. I costume a lot in New Orleans, and there's something so satisfying about batting my eyes and showing off a dramatic flash of color. And don't let the size intimidate you - they're lightweight and easy to apply."


Ri Dickulous:
"I don't frequently wear lashes, as mine are long and pretty full, but whenever I want to take that extra flair for the dramatic I put on my chimera lashes! They're always drawing attention, but without being heavy or cumbersome. 10/10, highly recommended for hand crafted, beautiful, one of a kind eyelashes."


Jackie Trouble:
"A Daddy Issues performance can get real messy. On one such occasion during a "ritual" involving buckets of mud and a pile of bodies, my chimeras clung steadfast to my lids. Even withstood the hot group shower after. They got a bit droopy while wet but dried and curled right back up like the wicked witch of the west!"