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How To


Chimera Lashes are definitely an extravagant lash option and require a few minutes to apply them.






Tools you will require:

  • - Chimera Lashes
  • - Eyelash glue
  • - Small scissors (if needed)
  • - A mirror

Application Process:

Trimming & Fitting
- Slowly take your Chimera Lashes out of their packaging 
- Hold as close to the base as possible and bend back each individual lash until you have your desired curl effect.
- Place lash onto your eye without any glue and measure to your eye shape
- If needed, always trim from inner corner of the lash to fit to your eye shape 

Glue & Application
- Once you are happy with the length and curl of the lash, ensure it is a comfortable fit before gluing.
- Put a strip of glue on the lash base and let it sit until the glue becomes tacky and easier to work with. 
***Trying to stick the lashes on once glue has just been applied will make it harder to adhere as the glue will be slippery and uneasy to work with***
- Once glue has become tacky place lash on your eyelid as close as you can to your natural lash line.
- Lashes are easiest to be applied when a mirror is lower than eye height and you are looking in a downward direction with your head tilted back slightly 

Eyelash Removal 

- Grab multiple Lashes as close to the base as possible (I recommend the outer lashes since they are longer), slowly peel lash away from eye. 

-Remove any extra glue on eyelid with oil or makeup remover.

Eyelash Care
- Lightly and carefully remove the glue from the lash band by gently pulling off with fingers 

Be part of a luxe lash society,
Chimera Lashes xo